In line with Intech Fire & Security Ltd.’s Engineers Charter, a high level of professional conduct is expected by all members of Intech Fire & Security Ltd.’s staff. All members of staff are expected to be respectful and compassionate and we pride ourselves in the professional image that our team maintains. If you have any comments to be made about the conduct of any individual, please contact or write to at our office address.

In the unlikely event of verbal or physical abuse towards members of Intech Fire & Security Ltd, the right is reserved for the individual to remove themselves from the situation and a review to be undertaken by management to prevent the risk of further incidents. This may be by leaving the site or by ending a phonecall to prevent the situation from further escalating. If a situation such as this does occur, the appropriate manager will review this with both the member of staff and the other party separately, however management will also not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of any sort. The other party will be contacted either by phone, by email or in person, whichever is most appropriate. This contact will be made after the member of staff has reviewed the event with the member of management.