Do you know who is in your building ?

The best way of controlling who is able to enter your building is by using an access control system. The traditional method of securing your business using locks and keys is very difficult to monitor and it can cause security risks when keys are lost or stolen. The complications with suiting locks in large buildings are endless and costly. Nowadays however the image of a caretaker with a huge bunch of keys that no one knows what half of them do is less common.  An access system is invaluable for monitoring and managing the security in your premises because modern systems use the latest technology and can be integrated to provide you with a complete solution for access that suits all of your needs. The management of access systems can be undertaken using specialised but user friendly software. Our preferred brand of access control is Paxton access. These systems are incredibly reliable, which is shown in their 5 year manufacturer warranty. All of our engineers are trained to Net2 Advanced installer level and some have also completed Net10 training . We feature as the approved installers in a case study on Paxton’s website here. 

An example of a Paxton access system is Net2, which is an advanced PC based access control solution. Net2 systems can control one to thousands of doors with up to 50,000 users with central administration control. Event reports can be easily generated with a few clicks making the system very user friendly.

What is access integration and what can be integrated?

Many systems can be set up to communicate and work seamlessly together to create a larger security package.

The world is your oyster when it comes to Paxton access systems. Here are some examples of other systems that can be integrated.


– Fire systems                    – Texecom Intruder alarms                    – Ievo and some other Biometrics

– CCTV systems                – Time and attendance software            – Gate and barrier access control


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Gates & Barriers

We understand how important it is to have high quality and safe access to your premises. Intech Fire & Security are experienced in working with our customers together with gate and automation manufacturers to design and install gate systems that work for your needs and compliment your premises. Vehicle access can also be easily monitored and managed with car park barriers. We install high quality systems that are designed for the use of vehicle or pedestrian areas which comply with the latest legislation.

The NSI have very recently introduced more in-depth guidelines on the installation and maintenance of automated gates and barriers and you can be confident in our experience to meet the required safety standards. We can provide full gate risk assessments and undertake force testing which will be combined with the correct safety precautions on gates and barriers. This will cover three areas, depending on the installation and incorporates safety edges, safety beams and safety loops.


We can provide full on site surveys and discuss all of your needs.

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