Ever wondered what’s happening when you are not at home ?

There are many reasons to have a CCTV system at your home, cameras can provide an important secondary level of security. If you consider that your intruder alarm has activated unexpectedly, leaving you unsure of the cause and feeling worried, with a CCTV system you can look back to the right time and date and see what has been happening around your home.

Many people use CCTV to help protect items on their property that are outside of their home, garage or shed. If for example your pride and joy is your mint condition VW split screen camper, you have a real asset sitting on your drive! Knowing that you can keep an eye on it while you are on holiday, by accessing your CCTV system remotely, will make it easier to agree to that holiday abroad.

CCTV cameras are a proven deterrent; burglars know that the images once captured are there, stored on the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and possibly on your smart phone or tablet. A CCTV system can be a real deterrent to would be intruders.

Whilst DIY systems are becoming more common, a professionally installed CCTV system gives you high quality and reliable technology. Many off the shelf systems claim to be High Definition (HD) but are not able to deliver on this as the cabling cannot carry the HD images. Our engineers ensure that cabling is discreet and that the systems are installed neatly with minimal disruption. Our full installation warranty is valid for a full year and many of our CCTV systems carry an extended manufacturer’s warranty alongside this.

On a lighter note CCTV systems can also bring you some interesting insights into your home. Our director’s cameras have caught a naughty baby fox playfully dragging a roll of bin bags around his front garden, a bat flying into the bedroom window on two occasions and his neighbours playing pranks in the middle of the night! You just never know what you may see.


Please visit the ICO website for more information on residential CCTV and data collection and processing.

ICO – CCTV on your property


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