Is your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) up to date

As a school business manager, head teachers or school governor are you aware of the importance of Fire Risk Assessments.? Your site team may have previous experience in this area but there can often be a grey area as to where the responsibility for this falls. As well as being a legal requirement, having an up to date and thorough Fire Risk Assessment in place can make your premises safer for your staff and the children and can help to reduce the chance and level of damage if a fire breaks out. FRA’s should be undertaken in any educational premises including crèches, and extracurricular education centres.

Who is responsible?

– Head Teacher and governors
– School business manager
– Site team manager
– Others involved with premises management

If you do not have the sufficient measures in place, a lack of knowledge is not a reasonable defence. The government have produced very helpful guidance of their expectations, which can be found at;
What is the difference between having a professional Fire Risk Assessment completed and following the templates on the .gov website?

If you do not have an FRA in place, have recently had any works to change the layout of the building or have changed the use of the building, you should have a new professional FRA completed. Once this has been done, provided that no significant changes occur, the site manager or other responsible person can review and update the FRA annually using the .gov websites and the professional FRA as a template if they are comfortable with doing this. The person that completes and signs the FRA is responsible for its contents so sometimes people are not comfortable with this as knowing the compliance with the fire regulations and British Standards can be a daunting task, especially when so many young lives are involved. Having an FRA from a professional risk assessor and acting upon the contents to meet the regulations helps with;

– Compliance to government legislation
– Compliance with premises insurance requirements
– Reducing the risk to staff
– Reducing the risk of damage to premises and stock
– Preventing an enforcement notice or a penalty being served on you

About our Assessors

Our Fire Risk Assessors Kyran and Nick both have a background within the fire service. Both are retired Fire Station Officers, which gives them an invaluable insight into the expectations of the Fire Brigade and the practicalities of implementing the correct fire detection, protection and training. With a thorough knowledge and understanding of the regulations, they are able to offer advice and make recommendations that benefit you and allow you to develop a better understanding of the importance of fire safety in the workplace.


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