Kentec Taktis – The Future of Fire Systems

Alongside Haes, Kentec have been one of our preferred fire panel manufacturers for many years. The Kentec Syncro AS has proven to be a fantastic and versatile analogue addressable panel for commercial installations, but we were surprised that the 4 loop version was discontinued a short while before the new panels were available for release. We have been told that this was to allow a higher provision of resources for the Taktis final development stages and launch. Having said this, Kentec haven’t disappointed with their support for the discontinued 4 loop panel; recently custom making a discontinued power supply for a 4 loop Syncro panel for one of our customers.

The addressable Kentec Taktis panel has been in the pipeline for years, with whispers of the sleek touchscreen technology and high level functionality surfacing as far back as 2011. The fire alarm industry has waited with baited breath for the panel to launch and we can’t wait to start installing this panel once our engineers have completed their 6 module Taktis training. The range can accommodate 2-16 loops but it’s not just a powerful panel. It’s easy to see how much attention to detail has been made with both the external and internal design when you open the casing to see the neat and well organised layout inside.

The Taktis range boasts revolutionary 7″ graphical touch screen Vision repeater panels to compliment the main panels touch screen of the equivalent specification. This makes the range ideal for any commercial applications where aesthetics are key. The repeater screens are easily visible to the fire service but are worlds away from the bulky grey metal cabinets housed in many office receptions across the country. At present these appear to be surface mounted. Semi flush fit and fully flush fit are on the horizon with talk of special finishes and colours due to be available in the future.

The panel is clear and easy for end users to understand with features like filtering events included. The Taktis range has also been designed to work with the Ockular Graphical User Interface which provides 2D site mapping and live site monitoring. The software can be programmed to include other elements of fire safety such as muster / assembly points, helping the customer to manage their fire safety as effectively as possible. We were able to see first hand how useful it will prove to be in commercial fire safety management. It’s easy to see why Kentec have spent so long in the development of this groundbreaking system.

For further information on the Kentec Taktis range, please click here for Kentec’s brochure.

Blog Post by Chrissy Hewitt, Office Manager 22.06.2018